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Dr. Raja's office is located at RPAH Medical Centre, 100 Carillon Ave, Newtown, NSW 2042, Australia. Parking is available at the centre. There are also the option of street parking in the Newtown and Camperdown area, as well as St John College Parking and Kind George V Parking.

To get in touch with Dr. Raja you can email her at or fill out the contact form below. You can also call Dr. Raja's office at (02) 9550 5766.

After Hours and Holidays/Conferences

Our office closes at 5pm and stays closed until 9 am the following morning.  During this time, I can be reached through the switch board at RPA Hospital (9515 6111) or on my mobile phone ((m) +61 433 945 215).   You could leave a message, if the phone is not attended please text to the mobile and also send us an email.  If I do not ring you back within 30 minutes, you should contact your own GP or go to the casualty department at your nearest hospital.  For obstetric issues after 20 weeks of pregnancy, you should contact the labour ward (9515 8444) or birthing centre (95156405).  If you are under 20 weeks and experiencing any problems, please ring or present to the Accident and Emergency of any hospital (RPA Switch 9515 6111).

During the holidays or while away at Conferences I will be covered by other obstetricians with admitting rights to RPA Hospital ((Dr. Sue Jacobs or Dr Po Huang).  In most situations, you will be informed in advance about the arrangements.  However, there may be instances where I need to leave on short notice, in these situations I will ask other obstetricians to cover until I  return.