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Obstetric Services

Dr. Raja delivers at  Royal Prince Alfred Hospital  Missenden Road Camperdown NSW 2050. Her practice is located across the road from the  hospital at RPAH Medical Centre,  100 Carillon Ave, Newtown 2042. She  has visiting rights at the Delivery Suite and Birth Centre  at the RPA Hospital.

If the pregnancy is straightforward you will be seen monthly until 28 weeks, fortnightly until the last month of your pregnancy and then weekly until you give birth. Dr. Raja is happy to have shared care with your family doctor if you prefer this option.

Please  book your first consultation around 8 weeks. You may request to be seen earlier if there were any concerns in your previous pregnancy eg previous miscarriage, or if you have any medical conditions eg thyroid disease or if you have any other concerns.

For minor day-to-day ailments during your pregnancy, please contact you GP for non-obstetric or non-emergency issues (i.e: groin pain, etc). For urgent obstetric issues in early pregnancy, you should contact the RPA Emergency on  95156111. After 20 weeks, you should ring the Delivery suite on 95158444 (or birth centre on 95156405 if you are booked there).  If you wish to to speak with me, please ring 95505766 or my mobile 0402805241.

Detailed Information on other obstetric services